Thursday, June 2, 2011


It has been a few days since I posted here. But that's okay. Not posting here the past couple of days has allowed for some meaningfull editing to get done, three great in-person auditions held, contact with a couple of camera people and their references, contacting several local buisness' about using their premises for a couple of scenes that I would rather not delete if possible, and reviewing several video submissions for various roles. The hardest part of making this film is yet to come. And yet the hardest part is the part that I am looking forward to the most!
I already know that the process of deciding who to cast and who not to cast will be hard. After all I have seen so much talent since I made the decision to make this film. I keep wondering if I am going to make the right choices on who to cast. I'm sure that I will make good choices on who to cast, but it is a daunting process.
I have already had contact with Dow Gardens (in Midland). I am glad to say that I will be shooting part of the film in Dow Gardens. I am definatly looking forward to filming that section of the film simply because of the natural beauty that will help make the outdoor scenes so beautiful.
Back to the editing and contemplating who to cast. Hopefully everyone has (or has had) a good day (depending on where you are in the world).

"Unlimited, together we're unlimited, together we'll be the greatest team theres ever been..." "Defying Gravity" from the hit musical "Wicked"

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