Saturday, June 18, 2011

The role of Jodi

Hello again!

After having had some time away from blogging about the film, I'm back! This past week was a crazy one. I spend the whole week dealing with kids during vacation bible school and music exploration at my church. And so I didn't spend much time working on casting, music for the film, or on anything related to the film.

I finally got back into working on the film last night. And now I can proudly announce that I have casted anouther role in this film!

The role of Jodi will be played by Angela Gulner. If you want to know anything about her check out the following link:
It was quite hard to make a decision about who should play Jodi. I had five different women that I could have casted in the role of Jodi. And it wasn't an easy decision. Of those five women, there was so much talent. Each of them brought something unique to the role. And so I really struggled to make a decision for quite some time. Finally I was get the list shortened to three women that could choose from, and ended up deciding on Anglea for several reasons that I won't go into now. But I will say that those three women I was considering for the role of Jodi were amazing actors.
I honestly never thought that I would meet someone with a MFA from Harvard. But now I have thanks to Angela. I am looking forward to working with Angela on this film because of the talent she brings to the film.
I can tell you that one of the remaining two woment that were not cast as Jodi has been casted as jennifer. But that's a completley different blog for anouther time.

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