Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Thank you Katherine Brooks

Thank you Katherine Brooks.

Hold up. Lets back up a bit. That first sentence probobly didn't make much sense to too many people. My first exposure to Katherine Brooks was exactly a year ago. Exactly one year ago, I saw a film titled "Loving Annabelle" for the first time. I can still clearly remember watching "Loving Annabelle" for the first time. After that I had to play catch up with all of the things that Katherine Brooks had done. But once I got myself caught up, I had seen enough to know that what Katherine Brooks has done with the films and TV shows she has worked on has been amazing.

For a long time now, I have wanted to make a film of my own. But I never thought that it was possible or that anbody would want to support me in this dream. The idea that I wouldn't get any support for this dream was something that I realized was untrue when I came out to my family and friends. Coming out was one of those experiences that proved to me that no matter what happened, my friends and family wanted me to do what I love doing and wanted me to be comfortable being me.

As "Loving Annabelle" finished playing the very first time I watched it, I realized that the ending was one of those endings that makes you wonder what happens next. Despite how hard the ending was for me to watch, it got me thinking, and the ending made me realize something. It made me realize that for too long I have been hiding and haven't been following the dream I have had of making a film of my own.

And then I found out that Katherine Brooks was making a new film, this time a documentary titled Face2Face. As I learned more about this new film she was in the midst of filming, I couldn't help but smile.

As time has passed I have learned more and more about Katherine Brooks, and become more and more fasinated by her. I also came to realize that I am not alone. I had never seen anyone in the film industry with anxiety similar to mine, and who has gone through depression like my Dad and I have. And so I finally felt like I could make a film if I wanted to.

Thank you Katherine Brooks.