Sunday, May 29, 2011

Editing a Script

Editing a script can be a bear. Do you remember all those hours spent editing and revising papers for school? Well editing this script reminds me of those hours spent editing papers for school, but much more enjoyable. Before I could even get started with editing, I had to wipe down my desk, which was a mess after having spent a month writing the first draft of the script in April, another month of setting up auditions, and quite a bit of time composing the music for this film. Did I mention that I've spent just about every day since the beginning of April sitting at this desk writing the script, working on composing the music for the film, eating meals, meditating, e-mailing various people helping with the production of this film, contacting various actors, and reading a couple of other peoples scripts that recently finished writing? And of course, e-mails about the production distracted me before I could begin editing.

I just heard some thunder, and thought that it was a perfect moment for there to be thunder simply because of the fact the section I am currently editing has some big bangs in it.

More thunder has distracted me from editing, and so has e-mail. I have managed to edit the scene that I started editing several minutes ago. On to the next scene.

Another scene down! The scene that I just finished editing was a scene that when I originally wrote it, none of it made any sense. All of the directions as to where the characters were standing and where they walked to made no sense when compared to the sketch of the house that I made when I was writing the first draft of the screenplay. Thankfully I was able to fix the problems, and make the scene work.

I finally got my music playing. I have a specific playlist of music saved for when I am writing or editing something that I have written, so I should be on a role of editing now instead of checking e-mail and Facebook.

How perfect!!! "For Good" from the musical "Wicked" came on just as I began editing a rather emotional scene!

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