Wednesday, September 21, 2011

I will not stop

Just like the child that is kicking and screaming just down the hall from me, I will not let this project out of my grips until it is COMPLETE! That being said, I have a bunch of stuff I want to say in this update.

I have been working on this since project since April 2011. It was during April and May of 2011 that I wrote the script. During May I began thinking about the casting process. Since then I have finished the script, although there are a couple of extra scenes that have been written and might/might not be included in the film, continued working on casting, and have done some preliminary filming without any actors.

The idea behind the script was simple. I wanted to write a script about a young woman who is very involved in music, who wants to become a concert pianist, who is gay, and who was adopted at birth. At times when I think about the original concept, I think that it seems so simple. And at other times the concept seems so complex. But when I think about it, I always think about myself and how a film like this could have changed my life if I had seen a film like it as a child. After all, when I grew up I didn’t know any gays/lesbians, and so I had no role models during my earliest years. I also had nob ody to be a role model that was working in the music industry. I may not be adopted, or have ever had a child I gave up fo adoption. But I do know someone who was adopted. And through that friendship, I realized that not eveyone who is adopted always wants to know their biological parents. I also realized that sometimes parents keep things from their children in an effort to protect their child from bullying and the pain that goes with bullying.

I wanted to portray a gay/lesbian young woman who is accepting of her sexuality and whose family is accepting of her sexuality. I wanted to portray a gay/lesbian couple as a couple just like any other couple. I wanted to show the world that being a musician isn’t a way of life that should be discouraged, but something that should be encouraged if it is something that a person wants. I wanted to portray being adopted as something that is completley normal and something that should not cause bullying.

I want this film to be about things that occur in every day life. I want people to see this film and see themselves in the characters.

Keep your eyes on for more updates. That same site is where I would like to ask you to go to help fund the film. And if you have questions that you want answered about the film, you can also go to

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