Sunday, September 11, 2011

Film Update

Time for an update on the film.
  • I am still looking for a couple of actors. I am specifically looking for two women to play the roles of Jennifer's adoptive mother and Jennifer's biological mother. I will be holding open auditions on September 19 in Midland, MI. More information to come in a later blog.

  • Still need funding to make the filming possible. Go to: to help fund the film

  • Costume design is finished. Once I have the funds in hand, I will be able to put everything together when it comes to the costumes.

  • As for funding, I have a bit of an added plus that you won't see on the indiegogo page ready to go. If at least 50 people help to fund the film, I WILL put everyone's name into a hat, mix the names up, and pick five names. Those five people will get to visit the set during filming. One of the five will get to participate as an extra. A second will get a backpack used as a prop in the film. A third will get the hat I wear whenever I am working on anything related to the film, and it will be autographed. A fourth will get a sharpe marker, and a baseball signed by Loons players ( during a scene during the film. And the fifth will get a journal that I will be keeping throughout the filming.

  • If AT LEAST 100 people help to fund the film, I will put everyone's name into a hat, and draw ten names. Five of those people will get the backpack, being an extra in the film, autographed baseball, journal, and the hat. The other five will get a phone call from me to talk about whatever you want.

So stay tuned for more information as it is posted here, and for more information on open auditions in Midland, MI on September 19.

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