Saturday, July 2, 2011

The role of Jennifer

After having been through some ups and downs with trying to cast the role of Jennifer, I had decided on casting one person for the role. In the end I was a little to late to cast my original choice for the role of Jennifer. It was sad that I couldn't get the person I originally chose. But there were so many talented women that auditioned for the role of Jennifer, so I knew that I was likley to choose somebody else that would do a good job in the role.

And so I am sorry to say that Sarah Nicklin will not be playing the role of Jennifer. But I can say that I have casted someone sucessfully who is available for the spring of 2012 to film! Jennifer will be played by Temi Hason! Below is a picture of Temi.

It is the fourth of July weekend. So I am taking a weekend off from dealing with preproduction. I am looking forward fireworks, barbeque, and lots of fun!

But I am also looking forward to the tasks that I have to do this upcoming week after the weekend is over to take this film one step closer to filming.
I have anouther blog post ready to happen at 5:15 est about anouther aspect of the film that some people might be interusted in--where the film will be shot! So go on a check that post out at 5:15

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