Saturday, July 2, 2011

Location, location, location!

As previously mentioned, I have made some decisions as to where we will be filming! Below is a film of some of the locations.

There is a section of video looking at a swingset. That was taken in Kaufman park in Midland MI. The entrance to the park can be found at the corner of Foxcroft and Cranbrook.

Anouther section of the video is also taken in Kaufman park looking from the park towards a wooded area with a pathway, and the street. That is looking from Kaufman park out towards the main entrance to the park.

Finally there is a small section looking down a stree with a branch blowing in the wind. That was taken at the entrance to Kaufman park at the corneer of Cranbrook and Foxcroft looking down Cranbrook.

There are at least two scenes in the film that will be filmed in Kaufman park. And we will be filming a couple of scenes on Cranbrook Dr.

I took the video on my tiny Nikon L18, which will be used as a prop and a part a small part of the filming (as a camera that one of the characters uses to make a youtube video).

I am enjoying looking forward to filming, and all the prep I am doing at the moment.

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