Monday, December 26, 2011

Calling all actors!

I am still looking for two actors for the film. One of the two will play the role of Jennifer's biological mother. The other will play the role of a journalist. Neither role is that big of a role, but they both play a role in the film.

We have had to back of the plans to shoot the film until the spring of 2013. But we are still going ahead with the project. I have been posting semi-regular updates at about the film. I should be getting back into regular updates there very soon.

The journalist only shows up in one scene. But that one scene is a scene that the main character, whom the journalist is interviewing, opens up and shows herself.

Jennifer's biological mother doesn't appear very much. But she is in several scenes. I really don't know how to describe Jennifer's biological mother. She is an RN. She has two other daughters.

As for the two roles that I am still looking to fill, if you are interusted in eaither one, e-mail me your resume and headshot at and I will get back with you about setting up an audition.

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